• Bio parque los Ocarros.

    Bioparque Los Ocarros, Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia .

    Research of the species for their conservation and something that I consider very important, the education and awareness of the population and visitors. For being the gateway to the plains and the Colombian Amazon.

    In the Biopark we will find: Bird Area, Los Ocarros Area, Large Rodent Area, Anaconda Area, Serpentine Area, Aquarium Area, Feline Area, Tapir Area, Orinoco Crocodile Area, primates is a perfect plan to enjoy with the family.

  • Parque Malocas

    Parque Las Malocas, Villavicencio, Meta, Colombia .

    In this park we find the “Benedicto Cely” coleus sleeve, blacksmith shop, stables, the Santa Helena herd and the Llanero Farmhouse” to which we have access through the path of myths and legends of the plain: the single leg, the silbón, Florentino and the devil, the weeping woman, Juan machete, the ball of fire, the soul of Saint Helena and the mother of all. Excellent space for business and social events.